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  • Graphite, Charcoal, Marker, and Pastel Artwork

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  • Islands and Maps


    Creating these mystical maps and floating islands lets my imagination shine because they don't exist in our world which makes the possibilities and creativity endless in drawing them. This kind of creativity is special for me and showed me how easy it is to lose track of time while doing art; I once spent over 24 hours working on a single drawing.

    island3.png island10.png island4.png island5.png island6.png island8.png map2.png map3.png map4.png map5.png

  • Trees


    Trees have always been my favorite to draw because of their large diversity. Out of all my art categories, trees have the largest size variety ranging from 7ft. by 2ft. (long desert oasis marker drawing) to 3in. by 4in. (small graphite baobab tree drawings).

    tree7.png tree5.png tree3.png tree4.png other8.png drawing3.png drawing6.png drawing8.png drawing2.png drawing7.png

  • Others


    My artwork doesn't always fit into a specific category and many of my pieces prove that. Exploring my mind's creativity on paper or canvas is where I dedicate much of my freetime.

    other5.png drawing9.png drawing11.png drawing12.png landscape5.png